Cold Front

Bedroom windows open for the first time in nearly a year. Cool air streams into the room. It is fifty five degrees outside. Welcome to winter in Miami.

Images of snow and ice fill our television screens. The arctic blast attacks most of the country. Weather maps display single digit or negative temperatures. Sportscasters show highlights of the Forty-Niners/Packers game, one of the coldest in history. A Kentucky convict escapes and almost immediately turns himself in –too cold to elude authority. I sip my coffee and wait for traffic to subside.

The morning drive is uneventful, but busy. Schools are open – back in session after the holiday break. No closings due to weather. Airplanes fly overhead, few heading north, where many flights have cancelled. National radio jocks complain about shoveling snow. They yearn for a spring thaw that remains months away.

Several bank employees in the elevator, all wearing sweaters. Can you believe this weather? I had to turn on the heat. The dogs complained about being outside; I had to let them in.

Through my window I see people walking quickly, bundled in their warmest autumn clothing. Later in the day temperatures will rise, sweaters will be discarded, walkers will slow their pace.

By noon all seems normal. Restaurants are busy, diners sitting outdoors, taking in the sun. The crowd at Hillstone overflows, waiting for tables to clear. There are no open outdoor tables at the Starbucks across the street.

The drive home is slower than normal. Drivers have not yet become accustomed to their evening routine after the holiday gap. My thirty minute drive grows to forty five. I exit the car I feel the dip in the temperature. Cooler weather is expected.

The weatherman warns that the cold front will remain with us for a couple of days. Temperatures will again drop into the fifties. Our windows will remain open another night.


5 thoughts on “Cold Front

  1. Our doors remain open to the courtyard during the day, as always. We close the balcony windows at night. Morgen the Perfect Doberman snuggles in her bed, then ours, making herself into the smallest black ball possible for a 25-kilo canine, snuggling close. We have not built a fire yet, nor have we turned on the propane space heater. We just make do with layered clothing. After all, it is a healty 16 C. during the day, and we dare not contemplate the temps when night falls.

  2. Beautifully written. Someone made fun of me in an elevator for wearing a scarf. I live in Miami, this is the most I can handle. Just as I begin to appreciate this weather, it’s gone. Happy New Year.

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